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ENT imm (Entertainment immigration) has been serving the Film, TV and Music industry since 2007, helping international creatives share their talent in the UK by issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (Work Permits) for the Creative sector.

With years of experience working with globally renowned stars, we know the Temporary Work – Creative worker route to its entirety, offering our many professional services to individuals involved in the entertainment sector.

Predominantly working with international Film productions coming to the UK with their cast and crew working in front of and behind the camera. ENT imm always encourages productions to source UK cast and crew wherever feasible.

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UK Work Permits for Creative Workers

From Actors & Actresses to production crew, singers, bands, DJs and comedians, we possess the knowledge and resources to obtain Certificates of Sponsorship commonly known as work permits quickly, assisting the industry’s need for efficient issuance. Our clients within the Film & TV industry have worked on blockbuster feature films to OTT web series for major media production houses across the globe. Our clients within the Music industry have notably performed at some of the UK’s largest venues including The SSE Arena Wembley, Utilita Arena Birmingham, The O2 Arenas as well as countless smaller venues on the main UK touring circuit.

ENT imm is an A-rated premium licensed sponsor with the Home Office, we possess the knowledge and resources to assist with work permit issuance in the Temporary Work – Creative worker category for established international production companies, ensuring all their international cast and crew have made the provisions to work in the United Kingdom. Post Brexit, the previous tier 5 points based system route has now ceased and has been replaced with new visa routes such as the Temporary Work – Creative worker route. The creative route is the most appropriate for international production companies seeking to bring their actors and film crew to the UK for temporary work purposes on specific filming projects.

So, whether you are a international producer looking to bring a film cast and crew to the UK or are in need of an immediate work permit for a star performing next week on main stage; be sure that we can help you!

Liaising with authorities

We know that sourcing permits and the appropriate documentation to work in the UK can be stressful, leaving you confused over what evidence is required to satisfy the UKVI and the time frames to be worked to. At ENT imm, we may act as your third-party sponsor for the purposes of UK immigration for your international production if you qualify and meet eligibility requirements. We liaise with the Home Office and ensure the right certificate of sponsorship for your cast and crew is issued, giving your talent, directors, producers, technicians permission to work in the UK.

Working within the strict rules set by the Home Office which govern the granting of work permits. we are a highly knowledgeable team, working efficiently to gather the information needed to process and grant Certificates of Sponsorships. Please note that obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) solely does not positively secure your entry clearance, it is at the discretion of the Entry Clearance Officer at the Decision Making Centre and or the Border Force Officer at the UK port to grant you entry into the United Kingdom.

Need our help? If you have any questions regarding our services and standards then feel free to contact us today. A member of the ENT imm team will be sure to clear up any queries you may have.

Unsure if you qualify for a Certificate of Sponsorship via the Temporary Work – Creative worker route? Allow one of our team to expeditiously assess your case to see if you meet the requirements set out by the UK Visa & Immigration department.

Keeping you informed

Over the years we have seen the UK Visa system transition from the old Work Permits UK process to the Points Based System, Brexit and the new Creative Work Route. Rest assured, our team ensure to keep up to date with all relevant changes via our premium contacts within the Home Office’s UK Visa and Immigration department.

We are able to keep our clients in the film & TV industry informed of all new policies and procedures which may affect their production. Our team is always on standby, making sure that we can assist in real time when needed the most, ensuring the most efficient service possible, allowing for a smooth start to your production.

A Fuss-Free approach

The company’s founder, Gurpreet Singh, created ENT imm as a solution for the entertainment industry; providing international production companies with a fuss-free approach to applying for work visas for their international cast and crew to gain entry into the UK.

‘Having been handling high profile singers and actors processing of cases since 2007, we understand the necessity of work efficiently, ensuring singers, film-makers and other entertainment professionals can travel to the UK with ease.’

Taking the whole headache of obtaining work permits for creatives off your hands, ENT imm has proven to be a heavily relied upon body for all types of entertainment professionals, seeing us evolve into one of the most respected companies working within this niche market.

Streamlining CoS issuance

Initial Assessments
Processing Work Permit Applications
Certificates of Sponsorship Issuance

The Process

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    We work with your production team to discuss all of the possibilities on how we can assist with your feature film, TV, or musical production. Together, we will plan out the process and guide your team with obtaining the necessary documents. We will assist your team on every step of the process, in acquiring creative worker permits for all essential confirmed cast and crew.

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    Prior to arrival

    We will assess the eligibility of all applications that have been submitted by your production office. We will work with your production managers to make sure all the necessary paperwork has been provided prior to the issuance of certificates of sponsorship for the creative workers. Once reviewed and successful, we will expeditiously grant the UK work permits that your actors and production crew require to work.

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    Whilst in the UK

    Once your cast & crew or artists & entourage arrive in the UK, we will make sure your production stays compliant with the government’s UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration) duties. ENT imm will ensure all the responsibilities are met by keeping up to date records of all the temporary workers, and maintaining & monitoring the compulsory documentation required of sponsored creative workers even after departure. Should any matters arise, ENT imm can gain advice and support from dedicated personnel at the Home Office.

Why choose us

With over 14 years’ experience primarily serving clients within the Film, TV, Media and Music industries, ENT imm thrives on beating deadlines and delivering quality work within our service standard times. We have established a network of legal professionals over a decade, who specialise in the creative industries, jointly with our extensive experience in the entertainment immigration sector means we are best placed to handle any of your work visa requirements.

We have proficient knowledge of the Home Office’s regulations, ENT imm operates within the framework of UK Visa & Immigration guidelines. We understand that things are ever changing, thus we consistently strive to adapt and improve our practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Expediting Cases As Standard
UK Film Industry Specialists
UK Music Industry Specialists

Our Clients

We service a wide range of clients, ranging from large scale production and media houses, to boutique advertising agencies and independent record labels, employing the same committed partnership approach in each case.

At ENT imm, we thrive on building long lasting relationships and treasure the trust that is placed in us to ensure that each case is executed in most efficient manner.

of all cases are delivered withing service standard time.
of our clients are repeat customers.
of our work is Film Cast & Crew visas

Trusted by International Film producers to deliver. We're ready to assist you!

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